If heaven and hell decide, that they both are satisfied.

Weals on my hands and definitely one glass of red wine too many. Weals as a result from working in our potato field today. We spent the afternoon with some very nice people and worked on the field together. Mrs M. brought some tea and bread and the kids ran off to the nearby playground or helped us to find the last hidden potatoes. If there is something like „the perfect afternoon“, then today came really close to that. Back home I received the message that my uncle suddenly died. I always need some time to understand such news. First I just want to pretend like nothing has ever happened. Then I start to realize that it´s just not possible to do so. He died in a way many would wish to die. Fast, with his family and on a beautiful spot. But I just think and wish that he could have had some more years. And I just recognized that I behave like my children – I want to negotiate things. Even things in life that we will never be able to negotiate about.


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