About me

Why do I blog

This blog is called Holda & Honey. I blog about beekeeping and everything that is related to it or – and that´s important – everything that touches me. Holda is the English name for German Frau Holle, who is the main character in one of the fairytales of Brothers Grimm. She is also the old goddess who lives in the underworld, which can be entered through an elder bush, she brings the snow and makes sure the nature is fruitful in the spring again. I like this picture of Holda and I love elder bushes so it seemed the perfect choice for this blog´s name.

Why am I even blogging? I do it, because I love to write and I love to write about the things I love and I love to share what I experience and think and what touches me. Again and again I find myself in situations where other people share their experience with me, and by that I mean also experience that was not easily collected or the sharing itself is not easy for them. I am impressed the most about somebody who is writing like nobody would even read it. To put it all out there, no matter what. Without any inner censorship. That´s the kind of honesty I am looking for, in my own attitude, and this blog is a big part of it. Although I am blogging a lot about biology and practical things, the main reason I am writing this blog is this emotional one.

I will write more about beekeeping, especially now that spring is in the air and soon there will be a lot to do at the hives. The precious evenings of reading beekeeping books on the couch with a sleeping cat on my feet will soon be over and while I am already preparing for the new season, I think I will blog more when not only time is flying by, but the bees too and nature awakens again.

I don´t want to narrow it down to specific people, when it comes to „who do I want to connect with via my blog“? I assume since I write a lot about beekeeping, the most people who will read this are involved or interested into bees somehow. Or maybe music too, since music plays a big role in my life and as said before – if I need to write about something that moves me, like music or any other off topic, I will do so.

All of a sudden people who I am not in contact with on a regular basis come back to me and ask me about beekeeping or how I got involved or they send me interesting articles or links about the topic or they tell me, that they want to keep bees too and how they could do so. This happening is more than I imagined. And of course it makes me want to keep this blog up and alive so that the good things can continue to happen.