This is…


… A hive to be! Take spruce wood and a plan, someone who knows how to build things with wood (not me) and someone who is willing to learn and can take shaky pictures with an iPhone (me) and then – just let it happen! To be continued.


Flow or Flaw

Not much to do for me today, at least blogwise. All I could be writing about today, other people have already said, but I can at least tell you where. Mellifera published a very interesting article on their blog today (German). Main parts of it are a translation of an article published by the Natural Beekeeping Trust (English). Topic is the Flow-Hive, which is a hive or let´s say, more a honey comb system with the promise of harvesting honey without bee contact. Yes, looks very beautiful. It reminds me a lot about a story I sometimes read to my children. My oldest one can´t get enough of it. It´s the book: „Kleine Biene Nimmersatt“ by György Várnai and stars a smart hornet getting bigger and bigger by stealing honey from a little bee. A little bee who has forgotten, that she belongs to a greater entity.

I personally am not too much interested into the Flow-Box, the reasons are well explained by the links mentioned and last but not least – it´s quite expensive for something you don´t really need. Especially if you have more than 2 hives. Cheapest and smallest Flow Box with frames costs about 290 USD (which is about 260 EUR). So, that´s what you need for one hive. If you have 2 hives, you could get a brand new honey extractor for that kind of money. If you have 3, well, you can do the maths.

But I´m getting lost in maths and that´s not what I intended to do. I wanted to share a beautiful video** which was shown at a beekeeper meeting in my neighborhood tonight. So, switch to full screen mode and enjoy…

* Kleine Biene Nimmersatt. György Várnai. leid Leipziger Kinderbuchverlag GmbH. 2. Auflage 2009. ISBN: 978-3896030702

**Video: Beauty of Pollination. Louie Schwartzberg. From the movie „Wings of Life“.